Tsingtao Brewery

About The Brand

Born in 1903, yet vibrant as ever, our premium lager sends echoes of the ancient world into your modern one. Tsingtao Lager offers a crisp and refreshing flavor with a nutty and subtle sweet taste that will complement your choice of cuisine without weighing you down.

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Lager | ABV: 4.38

Tsingtao brew masters use some of the finest ingredients from around the world„yeast from Germany, barley malt from Australia, Canada and France, hops and rice from Western China and finally, fresh spring water from ChinaÍs Laoshan Mountain. Pilsner-style alger with a crisp and refreshing flavor. Nutty and sweet taste that complements flavorful Asian cuisine.

Locations Available: Lubbock, TX, Olive Branch, MS