Back Forty Beer Company

About The Brand

Back Forty Beer Company's name is inspired by an old agricultural term referring to the 40 acres of land situated furthest from the barn. The back 40 acres are historically the most challenging land to maintain and are often overlooked due to their remote location. Likewise, Alabama is widely seen as the wasteland for craft beer in America. With mass produced light beer being the drink of choice for many Southerners, the craft beer market here has been largely ignored. However, if you dig a little deeper into the story of the back 40 you will see that because the soil is rarely used, it's very fertile and is actually capable of producing a tremendous yield. And just like the farm, the Deep South's craft beer culture is fertile and primed for harvest. After ten years of countless challenges and the overwhelming support of the Gadsden community, Back Forty brewed its first production batch of beer at its new home in January of 2012. This also marked the release of two new Back Forty offerings, Freckle Belly IPA and Kudzu Porter. By March of 2012 Back Forty had received distribution offers from as far away as California & New York and demand was exceeding the ability to keep up.

We Currently Stock:

Back Forty Freckle Belly

IPA | ABV: 7.5

This full-bodied India Pale Ale is loaded with fresh hops for a powerful blend of citrus, pine and fruit aromas. The firm malt backbone works well with the bold hop finish that everyone expects from an IPA. Belly up hop heads!

Locations Available: Olive Branch, MS

Back Forty Naked Pig

Pale Ale | ABV: 6

Naked Pig is a delightfully crisp, hand-crafted ale. The German malts provide a perfect balance to the five hop additions that go into every batch we make. This American pale ale is tasty enough for any craft beer newcomer, while the complex character is sure to please even the most discerning craft connoisseur. So get naked and enjoy!

Locations Available: Olive Branch, MS

Back Forty Truck Stop Honey

Brown Ale | ABV: 6

Truck Stop Honey is a medium-bodied English brown ale brewed with Alabama Wildflower Honey, roasted malts and fresh hops. The balance of sweet wildflower honey and earthy hop aromas come through in every batch. Whether preparing a delicious meal or sitting fireside,Truck Stop Honey will always keep the good times rolling!

Locations Available: Olive Branch, MS

Back Forty Paw Paw’s Peach Wheat Ale

Wheat Ale | ABV: 4.5

Paw Paw's Pech Wheat has a lifetime of flavor. Its brewed with just enough peaches to keep things bright, and just enough hops to be a little bitter.. like Paw Paw wanted it to be. So pull up a chair on the front porch and watch the sunset with paw paw!

Locations Available: Olive Branch, MS