Big Bend Brewing Co

About The Brand

Founded with a passion for small batch craft beer and a love for the rugged, mountainous region of West Texas, Big Bend Brewing Co. is giving life to old world brewing traditions. For us, it's simple-we aren't out to make just another beer. We're crafting a piece of West Texas and serving it up 12 ounces at a time.

We Currently Stock:

Big Bend #22 Porter

Porter | ABV: 6

For most, the number 22 doesn't mean much. For us, the #22 train was our lifeblood. And for those who came out here to West Texas to stay, we created this dark ale, with a deep ruby color and dominant malt flavor. Brewed with a hint of caramel, chocolate and bittered with English hops, it represents the grit of the people out here.

Big Bend Hefeweizen

Hefeweizen | ABV: 5.6

Fruity. Spicy. Light. Spritzy. Our Big Bend Hefeweizen embodies the unique and open character of a region that's all its own. That's because the spirit of West Texas is the secret ingredient. From those warm sunny days to our cool, desert nights, this is the ideal beer for getting straight to the heart of who we are out here.

Big Bend La Frontera IPA

IPA | ABV: 7.8

Brewed in West Texas, where solitude goes to be alone. Our IPA represents the place we'd rather be. Because when you head off into the West Texas vastness, you discover new things about who you are, and douse your thirst straight from a can.

Big Bend Tejas Lager

Lager | ABV: 4.7

Our flagship beer serves up West Texas 12 ounces at a time. What happens when you add some hops and barley to a dash of rain cloud, a pinch of gunpowder and a Pilsner malt straight from America's heartland? That special clean, crisp bitterness and spicy, floral aroma that can only be found in Tejas.

Big Bend Terlingua Golden Ale

Golden Ale | ABV: 6

West Texas isn't as far away as you might think. All you need to do is grab this beautiful, blonde ale from the cooler-delicate, malt flavors melded with a mild hoppiness. So, take a load off and crack one open next thing you know, you're out here sippin on suds and beating the West Texas heat.