Country Boy Brewing

About The Brand

Country Boy Brewing was founded in February, 2012 by four Kentucky boys with a passion for unique Craft Brews. Co-founders Daniel Harrison and Nathan Coppage fell in love with brewing while teaching in Japan. They met partner Jeff Beagle through the local homebrew club, and joined forces with Nathan’s brother Evan Coppage. A plan to open a home-grown craft brewery was born.

We Currently Stock:

Country Boy Cliff Jumper IPA

IPA | ABV: 7

A straight forward citrus IPA.  Cliff Jumper is sure to please the most persistent hop head and yet this beer is still loved by all! Named for the days spent jumping from the rock bluffs at Rough River lake,  all it takes is one hop!

Locations Available: Louisville, KY, Owensboro, KY

Country Boy Cougar Bait

Blonde Ale | ABV: 4.9

American Blonde Ale A crisp straw-colored ale with a unique malt and citrus hop balance. This beer was the brainchild of an all night trip back from Michigan. Fueled by Snack Cakes and Energy Drinks, the boys pulled this recipe out of their exhausted noggins. You'll be glad they did. Easy drinking, full flavored and always leaving you wanting more- Cougar Bait works.

Locations Available: Louisville, KY, Owensboro, KY

Country Boy Half Way Home Pale Ale

Pale Ale | ABV: 5.5

This citrus-y, refreshing pale ale has a balanced malt character and is dry-hopped to perfection. It's an easy-drinking beer for any occasion, from family barbecues to shooting the breeze with your buddies at your favorite watering hole. No matter where you are, though, one sip of this beer will have you thinking you're half way home.

Locations Available: Louisville, KY, Owensboro, KY

Country Boy Shotgun Wedding

Brown Ale | ABV: 5.3

A malty brown ale conditioned with real vanilla beans. This beer was made for a friend's wedding, with no intention of ever making it again. The folks at the reception had other plans. The use of real vanilla beans is costly and time consuming, but one sip and you will understand why.

Locations Available: Louisville, KY, Owensboro, KY