Goose Island Brewing Company

About The Brand

Our brewery was built in 1995 and has more than doubled in size since originally built. We bring you our tasty pints using 32 fermenters, over 15 different yeasts, state-of-the-art filters, centrifuges and a 50 barrel JV Northwest 5 vessel system that brews 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It turns out that making awesome brews is quite the science. Luckily our brewery facilities have all the equipment necessary to deliver results. Our packaging line alone bottles 500 cases an hour, with our keg line at a rate of 50 kegs every 60 minutes. Once the beer is complete, we store it at a crisp 38 degrees until shipping. In other words, we don't mess around when it comes to filling the Goose Island demand. We even have separate rooms to house small batch innovation programs and yeast propagation units, and our barrel-aged beers have their own dedicated stockroom AND 143,000 square foot barrel warehouse. ItÍs only the very best equipment for our beer, and we invite you to learn more.

We Currently Stock:

Goose Island IPA

IPA | ABV: 5.9

Most awarded IPA in history. Traditional English-style IPA with a fruity aroma, dry malt middle and a long, bitter hop finish.

Goose Island 312 Urban Pale Ale

Pale Ale | ABV:

Goose Island Four Star Pilsner

Pilsner | ABV: 5.1

This golden-hued pilsner has a light, fresh body and clean finish. Bright, refreshing carbonation mingles with German and American hops to give this lager a unique Goose Island spin.

Goose Island Green Line Pale Ale

Pale Ale | ABV: 5.4

In celebration of the city we call home, Goose Island brings you Green Line Pale Ale. This honey-colored American Pale Ale has a crisp hop aroma, citrus flavor, and notes of biscuit and lightly toasted malt.

Goose Island Honkers

English Ale | ABV: 4.3

Golden English-style bitter that combines a fruity hop aroma with a rich malt middle to create a perfectly balanced beer.

Goose Island Oktoberfest (Fall Seasonal)

Märzen Style | ABV: 6.4

Brewed in the traditional Märzen Style,our Oktoberfest pours a brilliant copper over roase color with a bone white head. Notes of toffee and burnt sugar in the aroma and flavors of sweet dried apricots are delivered in a dry malty body with the mild earth bitterness that is the hallmark of Hallertau hops.

Locations Available: Olive Branch, MS

Goose Island Preseason Lager

Lager | ABV: 5.8

This Amber Lager combines citrus, spicy and a herbal hop note with a balanced bready malt body and a bright bitter finish.

Locations Available: Olive Branch, MS

Goose Island Summertime Kölsch

kölsch | ABV: 5.1

With a light fruity aroma and a bright, crisp finish, Goose Island Summertime Kölsch is the perfect summer session ale.

Locations Available: Olive Branch, MS

Goose Island Winter Ale (Winter Seasonal)

Brown Ale | ABV: 5.3

Layered with rich, nutty chocolatey notes and malty roasted caramel flavors, our brown ale gives you plenty to contemplate on long winter nights

Locations Available: Olive Branch, MS