Kirin Ichiban

About The Brand

Ichiban means, "Number One'" a fitting name for our beer, which uses only the first-press of the wort. First press brewing is able to extract a higher concentration of flavor to create a distinctively crisp, smooth and full-bodied beer. As a result, this unique brewing process truly makes Kirin Ichiban "Beer at its Purest."

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Japanese-Style Premium Lager | ABV: 5

Kirin Ichiban is made with a luxurious single wort (or first press) brewing process which extracts only the purest, most flavorful portion of the finest ingredients. When combined with its new all malt formula, the result is a distinctively smooth, clean, and full-bodied beer - yet with none of the bitter aftertaste one would expect from a beer with this much flavor.

Kirin Light

Japanese-Style Premium Lager | ABV: 3.2

With only 95 calories per 12oz serving, and a surprisingly full bodied taste, Kirin Light is one of the world's finest light beers. Beautiful golden color with notes of European aroma hops and a silky, smooth taste with a balanced hop finish.