Omission Brewing Company (Gluten- Removed)

About The Brand

Omission is the first craft beer brand in the United States focused exclusively on brewing great tasting craft beers with traditional beer ingredients, including malted-barley, and especially crafted to remove gluten. We're committed to ensuring that every bottle of Omission beer meets our team's standards. Each batch of Omission Pale Ale and Omission Lager is tested by an independent lab using the R5 Competitive ELISA for gluten content. Although there is scientific evidence supporting this testing, the evidence is not conclusive. Omission beer may contain gluten. See your bottle's test results: the date code stamped on every bottle of Omission beer corresponds to a batch of Omission Lager or Omission Pale Ale, and you can use that code to view your bottleƍs test results. Enter the code from your bottle and take comfort in knowing the results of your beer's R5 Competitive ELISA test results.

We Currently Stock:

Omission Lager

Gluten Removed | ABV: 4.6

Omission Lager is a refreshing and crisp beer, brewed in the traditional lager style. Perfect for a variety of beer drinking occasions, Omission Lager's aromatic hop profile offers a unique, easy-drinking gluten-free beer for those looking for a lighter and approachable beer style.

Omission Pale Ale

Gluten Removed | ABV: 5.8

Bold and hoppy, Omission Pale Ale is a hop-forward American Pale Ale, brewed to showcases the Cascade hop profile. Amber in color, Omission Pale Ale's floral aroma is complemented by caramel malt body, making for a delicious gluten-free craft beer.

Omission IPA

Gluten Removed | ABV: 6.7

Omission IPA is a bright, hop forward Northwest Style IPA produced in the spirit of the original IPAs shipped from the UK to India in the late 1800. The heavy-handed use of Cascade and Summit hops give it notable pine, citrus, and grapefruit aromas and flavors. The bitterness is what you would expect of a NW IPA but this beer is balanced and smooth due to the perfect level of malt sweetness. The finish is crisp, clean, and refreshing it's a true IPA lover's IPA.