Rahr & Sons Brewing Company

About The Brand

Brewing innovative, quality craft beer by a passionate team of dedicated beer lovers, committed to supporting our community. The story of Rahr & Sons Brewing Co. really starts when Fritz Rahr graduated from Texas Christian University. Fortunately for beer lovers in North Texas, Fritz not only fell in love with Fort Worth, but also fell in love with his future wife, Erin. Fortunately for us all, Erin gave Fritz the green light when he announced that he would like to carry on the Rahr family brewing tradition and open the Rahr & Sons Brewing Company right here in Fort Worth, Texas. Fritz and Erin Rahr founded Rahr & Sons Brewing Co. in the fall of 2004. In nine years, Rahr has exponentially grown its brewing capacity from 2,000 barrels a year to 20,000 barrels a year. The brewery has won over 50 nationally-recognized awards, including a Silver Medal at the 2012 Great American Beer Festival, a Bronze Medal at the 2008 World Beer Cup for Bucking Bock, and was the 2009 National Grand Champion at the United States Beer Tasting Championship for Iron Thistle. The Rahr family looks forward to more growth and even more awards for the brewery, but Fritz and Erin are most excited about continuing to brew great tasting beers that can be found throughout Texas and continuing to serve these great beers directly to you at a Wednesday or Saturday Tour & Tasting! Someday their sons will be brewing and serving up some of these award-winning, great tasting beers long as you keep drinking them.

We Currently Stock:

Rahr Texas Red

American Amber | ABV: 5

Texas Red doesn't have any funny anecdotes about how it got its name and it wasn't the first beer we ever brewed, but this amber lager doesn't need any of that because the real story is its balanced flavor. The notes of caramel and its sound malt character are perfectly balanced with just a bit of hops. This is a super-smooth, very drinkable beer with a deep amber color and a sweet malty head - and at the end of the day, that's what is most important.

Rahr Blonde

Helles Lager | ABV: 5

Rahr's Blonde Lager was the first beer to come out of Rahr & Sons Brewing Company. It is a medium-bodied traditional Munich-style Helles Lager that features a rounded maltiness without being too heavy. And like every proud Texan, it has a good head, is pleasant _ but not overly sweet. Have some fun with a blonde today!

Rahr Ugly Pug

Black Lager | ABV: 5

Schwarzbier means "black beer" in German. Unlike most dark beers that are often described as heavy or chewy, Rahr's Ugly Pug has a surprisingly light body. Reviewers have been vocal about how happy they are to have a dark beer that's easy to drink on even the hottest Texas Summer days. We've even heard people refer to Pug as nirvana in a bottle because it combines their three favorite flavors, coffee, hints of chocolate, and of course BEER!

Rahr Pride of Texas

Pale Ale | ABV: 5.8

There's pride, and then there's Pride of Texas! Our Pale Ale is a tribute to our home state. Hoppy and bold, yet smooth and thirst quenching. Pride of Texas cans are perfect for any outdoor gathering or activity where bottles are frowned upon.

Rahr Stormcloud IPA

IPA | ABV: 6.8

During a fierce storm on his voyage across the ocean, William Rahr could be heard yelling from the tall masted ship: "Roll on old sea! And when you are done, when the storm clouds have destroyed themselves, we will still be standing and drinking!" Today, we have created the ultimate ale for a voyage such as this: A German-Style IPA - a traditional India Pale Ale with German Influence. It has a more balanced malt to hop flavor than most American IPAs.

Rahr Bucking Bock

German Spring Bock | ABV: 7

Mildly hopped traditional German Spring Bock with a Texas attitude.

Rahr Iron Thistle

Scotch Ale | ABV: 8

Break out the bagpipes with your lederhosen! We're proud to present our Iron Thistle Scotch Ale Rahr's first National Grand Champion winner and 2012 GABF Silver Medal winner. This dark, Scottish ale has a bold taste dominated by a smooth, sweet maltiness balanced with a low, hoppy bitterness. So don your kilts and enjoy. Here's to your health Slöinte! Prosit!

Rahr Oktoberfest

German Style Oktoberfest | ABV: 7

"O'zapft is!" The cry of happy beer drinkers at the start of the Munich Oktoberfest, which in German means "The keg is tapped!" Rahr's Oktoberfest Celebration Lager is a traditional Marzen-style Oktobefest lager - dark amber in color, super smooth, medium body with a sweet malty finish. True to tradition, this is a classic Oktoberfest Lager.

Rahr Summertime Wheat

German Wheat Ale | ABV: 6

There is nothing better than a cold Summertime Wheat at the end of a hot Texas day. This refreshing, lightly hopped Hefeweizen has unique banana and clove-like characteristics. It is unfiltered so the yeast character comes through with a light, but full body.

Rahr Winter Warmer

English Dark Ale | ABV: 8

Warm up the long, cold nights of winter with Rahr's latest seasonal offering. Wonderfully robust, rich and full-bodied with savory notes of plum, raisin, and chocolate, Rahr's Winter Warmer is created in the fine British tradition of holiday ales. Perfect for either holiday gatherings or quiet evenings at home.