Slowboat Brewing Company

About The Brand

Slowboat Brewing Company is a small, brewer owned and family operated artisan brewery located in The Free State of Jones, downtown Laurel, MS. Slowboat's main focus is small batch artisan styles, including Farmhouse, Sour, Spontaneously fermented wild ales, Belgian style, Barrel-aged, experimental ales, and an ever evolving collection of popular American craft beer styles. We operate our business on three basic principles: Never sacrifice Quality for Quantity, Creativity for Comfort, or Passion for Profit Slowboat is deeply committed to refining our craft, while holding true to thousands of years of brewing history and tradition. Our objective is not to produce large quantities of beer for the masses. We strive to produce beers of exceptional quality that we can be proud to call our own. We can't promise that you'll love our beer. We understand that everyone has different tastes. What we can promise is that WE LOVE our beer. And we hope our passion for brewing shines through in every glass.

We Currently Stock:

Slowboat Dairy of a Madman

Milk Stout | ABV: 5.0

A variation of a milk stout that has evolved into a very well rounded and approachable dark beer featuring roasted barley, chocolate malt, oats, milk, sugar, and vanilla bean; its enough to drive the most discerning of beer drinkers mad! Please note, due to the use of milk this brew may not be suited for lactose intolerant people.

Locations Available: Olive Branch, MS

Slowboat Into the Mystic

Belgian Witbier | ABV: 4.9

Brewed in the traditional Belgian fashion with Belgian ale yeast, orange peel, and spices. The body is light with a clean and smooth finish. Hibiscus and citrus come together to create a beautiful floral/peachy quality

Locations Available: Olive Branch, MS

Slowboat Wayward Son

Sour Farmhouse Ale | ABV: 7.2

A unique take on a hopped up farmhouse ale, using a blend of farmhouse yeast and brettanomyces. This is a Sour brewed with Grapefruit-- look for an explosion of citrus taste and a tart drying finish.

Locations Available: Olive Branch, MS