About The Brand

1991 Proctorsville, Vermont. Along the Black River, in a two-car garage, a wine maker by the name of Greg Failing begins an experiment with apples. Woodchuck Amber was the result and it would go on to reinvent a centuries old beverage which had vanished from the American conscious in the wake of Prohibition. 1992 Woodchuck wanted to expand beyond the borders of the Northeast, but shipping costs, especially for kegs, were quite high. One day a UPS van driver dropped off a package that was roughly the size of a keg. Lightbulb! 1993 Dark and Dry (now 802) was released. It's dark and dry characteristics were built with the beer drinker in mind. Woodchuck Dark & Dry beat out major craft beers at the Great Albany Beer Festival taking home the People's Choice Award. The win earned it a tap line at Albany's Knickerbocker Arena for a year! 1996 We were producing 400,000 cases a year and the little winery in Proctorsville couldn't keep up. We joined forces with Stroh Brewing and moved operations to a larger cidery in Springfield, Vermont. 2000 We moved for the third time setting down permanent roots in the quaint Green Mountain town of Middlebury, VT. 2007 A new bottling line was installed pushing production and sales to one million cases. Woodchuck was the first cider in the US to hit the one million case mark!

We Currently Stock:

Woodchuck Amber

Cider | ABV: 5

Amber was the first cider crafted in our two-car garage back in 1991. The recipe remains the same today as that first hand-filled bottle. Amber is a traditional cider boasting big red apple taste. Expertly crafted with a medium body, golden hue, and refreshing clean apple finish.

Woodchuck Gumption

Cider | ABV: 5.5

Legendary showman P.T. Barnum once noted, everybody drank cider-spirits called gumption. Our Woodchuck GUMPTION, celebrates the spirit of P.T. Barnum and those with the gumption to follow their own path. We pair the fresh juice of common eating apples with dry cider apples to bring you a bold and unique drinking experience.

Woodchuck Pear

Cider | ABV: 4

Pear is ideal for when you want a Woodchuck - that's a little outside of the ordinary. Artfully balanced in small batches, this cider is light in color and bursting with crisp ripe pear notes.

Woodchuck Granny Smith

Cider | ABV: 5

Granny Smith is a tart green apple cider. Crafted with Granny Smith apples, tree ripened in the Yakima Valley of Washington. This varietal cider is pale in color with a tart and crisp taste that finishes dry and tangy.

Woodchuck 802

Cider | ABV: 5

802 is Vermont's only area code. Our home state is a down-to-earth place where artisans of all kinds thrive. This cider is crafted in that tradition with strong fresh-pressed apple notes up front, a tawny brown color, and a touch of bite at the end.

Woodchuck Hopsation

Cider | ABV: 5

We start with our small batch hard cider and infuse Cascade hops to impart their sensational pine and citrus aromas. The smooth apple character of our signature hard cider balances perfectly against the bitterness of the hops. Some may just call it a hopsational cider.

Woodchuck Raspberry

Cider | ABV: 4

Raspberry is a well-balanced cider that is light and refreshing. Delicate in body with a little extra zip that takes everything great about hard cider and kicks it up a notch with a fresh sweet raspberry finish.